Hello there Future and Returning Homebuyers! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly work with you in advance! My name is Ellen Smith-Johnson and currently reside in Chesapeake, Virginia. I have lived in the Coastal Virginia  for over a decade due to a job assignment during my military service with the U.S. Navy. I am proud to inform you that I retired after 21 years of dedicated service in December 2010.

My husband, Anthony and I ventured into the exciting world of real estate as investors in 2005, where my interest in this industry first began. Unfortunately due to the housing bubble in 2007, we were forced to take a step back and postponed in that trade until 2016.  We’ve renovated and sold over two dozen homes since then.  We also currently rent out three homes, one in Chesapeake  and Virginia Beach, and the other in Jacksonville, Fl. The encouragement of my husband gave me the extra push to obtain my real estate license establishing yet another fulfilling career. Accomplishing my aspiration of becoming an agent now allows me the opportunity to help my clients accomplish their own goals when it comes to buying and selling homes.

My previous career as a logistic specialist in the U.S. Navy gives me insight into accommodating the needs, desires and wants of my customers. I easily transfer the skills and knowledge acquired in the military to my position as a real estate agent. My most important concern in this business is to ensure that each of my clients is satisfied during the most memorable experience of entering the life of becoming homeowners while putting the past of being renters in the past.

After being in the real estate business since 2008, I’ve come to realize with the assistance of my own team, Three Keys 2 A Home, my team members are truly a backbone of my dream of making many people’s dream come true of being homeowners! We are looking forward to providing the necessary resources in order for you to understand and enjoy the process of buying a home while experiencing less frustration. With my team of real estate agents joining heads to making this happen, you as the buyer, will find your desired homes with patience, knowledge, and understanding of the real estate process.  Alison Gilbert, Khiara Johnson, and myself are awaiting to hear from you when you register on our website inquiring houses!