Jeffery DePriest is the real estate agent to call when buyers and sellers need a local who can give them the rundown on the region and the market. A real numbers man, this home buying specialist helps his clients decide what properties make the best investments based on their particular needs. He never meets a stranger, doesn’t accept negative influences and won’t stop until his clients get what they want. Listening is one of his real strengths and clients can immediately sense his innate ability to walk them through the steps it takes toward becoming homeowners.

Raised in a military family and having served in the U.S. Air Force himself, DePriest is all too aware of the challenges that come with PCS moves. His experience and first-hand knowledge make him the perfect go-to agent for service members and their families relocating both in and out of the area. “I love working with military and first-time buyers,” he says. This trustworthy agent also specializes in helping both novice and veteran investors find the perfect properties to soup up their portfolios.

A sales industry veteran for over a decade, this motivated agent has a background in accounting too, making him an extremely valuable asset in real estate for obvious reasons. DePriest is highly analytical, ensuring every number is as high as it can be for sellers and as low as it can be for buyers. Clients who like openness appreciate this honest agent’s approach. “I take a client’s needs and go through the 40,000 or so houses for sale available, and pinpoint several that could be a great fit. This saves my buyer time, and lets him know I listened to find exactly what he asked for,” he continues, “I want to make sure that my clients are happy before, during and after purchasing a house with me.”

When you love what you do, it’s hard to let even a moment slip by without seizing an opportunity to reach out to a client. And that’s the basic philosophy for this ODU graduate- living to work rather than working to live. He says, “Most of the time, every waking moment is devoted to real estate and helping my clients.” DePriest has a naturally cheerful disposition, but what really makes him beam from ear to ear is knowing he just made one of his clients a homeowner at a great price.