Yanni entered the world of real estate as an investor after observing the success of one his fellow Marines in 2003. The following year, after purchasing his tenth investment property, Yanni decided to resign his commission in the Marine Corps and work in real estate full time. He acquired his sales agent license and focused the majority of his efforts towards finding investment properties for his clients and himself.
As the mission in Iraq increased in 2006, Yanni was recalled to service. By then, his real estate interests were in several states and he was well positioned to withstand the real estate bubble of 2008. Following his tour an advisor to an Iraqi Infantry Battalion, Yanni decided to stay in the Marines and continue to participate in real estate as an investor.
Yanni concluded his military career after 25 years of service. He served with each of the three Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEFs) and Marine Forces Reserve; he is a combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and lead joint teams with members of the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Having endured nine moves during his time in the Marines, he understands the pressures it places on individuals and families. His experience and paternal nature enable him to alleviate much uncertainty and stress for his clients.
The lessons Yanni learned many years ago at Parris Island serve him well in real estate. Attention to detail, unwavering integrity, planning, work ethic, and mentorship are all Marine Corps characteristics his clients always appreciate. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge about the benefits of home ownership and investing in real estate.
Yanni hails from Homestead, Florida and is a graduate of Florida International University, Florida State University, and Marine Corps University. His undergraduate studies were in Elementary Education and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); his Master’s degree is in Military Sciences with a field of concentration in advanced-biofuels. Yanni is the proud father of three young adults: Micah, Devra, and Macy. His fiancĂ©e, Stacie, is in her 20th year of active service in the United States Navy.
Feel free to contact Yanni at Yanni@YanniAthens.com or 757-775-0087